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A Way Out's team of dedicated volunteers and staff has made our organization an integral pillar in the community. We are pleased to introduce you to the team.

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Shefik Macauley

Eva Miles, Founder

Kendrick Robinson, Director of Operations

Kendrick Robinson is the Director of Operations for Anna‘s House Domestic Violence Shelter. A board member for Communities of Tomorrow Economic Redevelopment Corporation. Public Relations Officer for Harambe Festival Dallas 2021. Business consultant to various businesses and nonprofit organizations building their brands, creating financial structure, membership/participation retention. Creating valuable social media content to promote businesses and organizations. Kendrick knows the importance of providing a way out for victims and being of service to underprivileged communities.

For over a decade Kendrick has been driven by his passion and pursues careers in education, youth development, personal development, business consulting, public speaking, life coach, and spiritual leadership.

In addition to his primary responsibilities, Kendrick is diligently building his village through his nonprofit Royal Kourt. Providing life skills and resources to build and maintain general wealth in our communities. 

Kendrick also enjoys reading, writing, singing, horseback riding, motorcycle riding, freelance photography, and spending time with family and friends alike.

Keita Kelly, Administrative Director

Keita Kelly serves as the Administrative Director for Anna’s House/Communities of Tomorrow. 

Her background in non-profit includes serving on the board for Life Impact Fellowship, where she was also the Special Events coordinator.  She has also served as Church Administrator for the ministry and was responsible for bringing the church into 501c(3) compliance.  Keita’s professional career includes 26 years in management for Verizon Communications where her current role is Sr. Manager-Training & Development.  Her desire to help those in need and improve her community led her to move from a sponsor to taking an active role in Communities of Tomorrow.

Veda Loca

Her first career was as a hairstylist. After seeing that most of her clientele didn’t just book her because of her skills but because of her infectious personality. Those same customers had their own brands, companies, and labels. So the nightlife was everything for Veda.  Regular invites to VIPs and access to celebrities gave her another passion, MEDIA!

“If Troy Aikman can be the Quarterback of America’s Team, then I can be on the Radio!” –Veda Loca

2001 Veda made her official debut on air with 97.9 The Beat, an Urban One Station.  This transition eventually became her calling. Now the troubled teen and single mom had a purpose and a platform.  The radio personality was now able to share her light and energy with the same celebs she had recently been in VIP as a stylist. Life had come 360. Eventually, Veda gained her own Morning show with her own team. She had access to Presidents and other political affiliates, Oscar winners, Grammy winners, and all of the local DFW small business owners. Her morning show had original segments like, “Hustle Hard Thursdays,” “Mental Health Wednesdays with Dr. Jeff” and the always infamous “Veda’s Hot Topics”. Being humble and honest has always been her foundation and how she built her fan base.

Then 19 years later, after being on a “high”, the rug was pulled out from under her. The station decided they were going to “go in another direction.” Like that, she was fired and had to say goodbye to her mentors like Rickey Smiley and Tom Joyner. But God never gave up on his child. She used her past to create her next path.

At-Risk Youth have always had a place in her heart. As a member of The Rolling Crips Gang, Veda was kicked out of multiple schools. Her mother had to move in order to give Veda a new start. And that’s what she is all about, giving others a fresh start. Mentoring at the Boys & Girls Club and speaking at local alternative schools, Veda teaches the teens about making positive choices and how making the wrong choice has crucial consequences. Every Action Has A Reaction!

During a routine visit to a Dallas Homeless Shelter, Veda Loca had an epiphany. She remembered her electric personality and position in the community could bring smiles to those families.   And Veda Loca’s Smiling Faces Foundation was born. Her mission is to “Change the World One Smile At a Time”, Understanding Small Celebrations will Equal Big Changes. But why stop there?

Being an at-risk youth and a young single mom, Veda had her share of obstacles. She has always been open about her struggle with balancing mental, emotional, and physical health. What does a true hustler do, they find the next best product. Veda studied a popular health care brand, found out not only will it help her refocusing on her physical health but eventually give her benefits for her mental state; then as a brand ambassador, it became a source of income.  Because again, Veda never promotes anything she doesn’t believe in. She found a way to control her depression through dieting and her Instagram posts. Veda saw how her journey influenced others to get back on the right track.  She reclaimed her trust and a new fan base.


Now in her rebirth and new beginning. Back On Air with the same station that let her go, Veda finally found her new inspiration. Allowing her pain to become her purpose. A new podcast that she has total control over. A different outlet on a new platform. “OUR STORIES” the next conversation amongst survivors. Veda will host this online broadcast that will allow her guest to express their true unfiltered feelings about current and past issues. A new platform for today’s testimonies.


Veda Loca has always had electric energy since forever. She knew at such a young age that her surroundings will never define her state of mind.   As a teen in D.C. to a young Mom in Dallas, her understanding of unconditional love has been the bridge to her success.  She wants to thank everyone who has been a part of her growth. Stay Tuned!

Carol J. Hecht

Carol J. Hecht is a renowned Executive and Consultant in the business and education arenas. Carol has demonstrated her commitment to organizational leadership and innovative administration by performing Business Process Evaluations and Analysis and the design and implementation of electronic document management systems.  Carol is the author of white papers and the presenter at numerous TASA/TASB, TASBO, and TCASE conventions.

Carol’s career began when she was tasked to investigate, research, evaluate and analyze complex legal issues.  She consulted with counsel on existing challenges and prepared Strategic Plans of Action designed to implement solutions.  This extensive expertise in analyzing issues and implementing resolutions led her to enter the educational arena.  Carol then began conducting numerous seminars and workshops to educate administrators on the Business of Education, the use of technology in the storage, location, and management of documentation, and the development of teaching methodologies focusing on leadership.

She has served as the Secretary of the City of DeSoto Chamber of Commerce Board of Trustees providing insight into leadership, regulations, policies, and procedures, and growth.  She also serves as a mentor to entrepreneurs, small business owners, and individuals by coaching them to comprehend and resolve the diverse challenges each faces, resulting in significant growth.

Carol brings a unique approach to her consulting clientele through her extensive knowledge of business and education.  The formation of a strong organizational infrastructure is required to enhance leadership skills and implement a culture and mindset of success.  

Her clients include Square Business Security, Stephanie Love, Grateful Fellowship Community Church, Priority Charter Academies; Longview ISD; DeSoto ISD, Gregory Portland ISD, Royse City ISD, A+ Charter Academy; Global Learning Village; Hays Consolidated ISD; and Pine Tree ISD.   For Longview ISD, she prepared and gained Board and TEA approval of four (4) internal district STEAM charters and 1 internal Montessori charter school; and assisted in the completion of documentation for and procurement of two (2) start-up grants each in the amount of $800,000.  

Carol’s professionalism combined with her ability to show empathy make her a powerful component in the achievement and implementation of her clients’ goals.

Tara McClinton

Tonya “ElBoogie” Hill

Samuel l. allen