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Anna’s House Needs YOU!!!




Greetings from Anna’s House and Communities of Tomorrow!

As we continue to deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic here in Texas we now find ourselves recovering from a winter storm that has left many without power, water and dealing with damages to their homes. Those who were already homeless have struggled to keep warm and find shelter.

“Anna’s House!” A 501(c)3 organization that advocates for Domestic Violence Victims and Homelessness is also experiencing those same challenges . We are a private organization, not governmentally funded, we are able to provide assistance through the generous support of our sponsors and the benevolence of the community. The donations allow us to provide emergency shelter, food, clothing, counseling and even transition assistance. We sacrifice personally and our director often opens her home to house our clients if the needs arises. This Pandemic has altered our ability to host our Annual Gala, which is usually one of our biggest fundraisers and we’ve seen donations decline due to our sponsors being impacted by the pandemic as well. We are sending a call to action and support request to help us help those in need. The families who reach out to us are attempting to escape abusive relationships and have no where else to turn. We want them to have a safe, secure place to go and assistance them in rebuilding their lives so that they don’t feel the need to return to the abusive relationship.

We have been in the community passing out blankets, tents, food and helping those in need cover temporary housing and any other way we can help!! WE NEED YOU!!! Your donations to Anna’s House and Awayout Project will help us provide the assistance necessary to get through this current crisis and to continue our regular work as well.

Our greatest area need are:

  • Financial Assistance

  • Hotel Vouchers or Shelter

  • Infant Toddler Supplies(diapers, formula,wipes, etc)

These items will enable provide support to our clients and the community. Your generosity will make sure that we’re always able to say Yes, we can help!

For those that would like to donate to “Anna’s House” please use the link below or feel free to contact us for more information. Your donations are tax deductible. We appreciate your help and support.


Eva Miles, Director

Cell: 214-650-7065

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