​Communities of Tomorrow and all of it's affiliate programs are 501c3 non profit organizations


The mission of Community of Tomorrow Economic Redevelopment Corp (C.O.T.E.R) is to serve as a community based resource center. We provide self-help opportunities that foster initiatives that promote community development and economic empowerment.


C.O.T.E.R. seeks to empower the growth and development of the community and it’s institutions. The purpose is to build community wealth and promote the best management of these resources which create opportunities that become a means to an end.

C.O.T.E.R. is an administrative, programmatic and fiscally sound proactive institution, which takes leadership on a local, statewide and national level. In doing so, we serve as a major anchor for supporting and developing funding initiatives that facilitate the positive growth and development of the Black community. These progressive initiatives promote change and community ownership.


A Way Out Project

A Way Out Project is design to help families that are under skilled change their life conditions through our General Education Development Program (GED). We offer classes in reading, math and computer technology. This program is for those that feel they have been abandon, forgotten, and overlooked in many ways, nonetheless are now willing to do something worthwhile and rewarding with their lives.
Anna's House
Anna’s House is a residential facility that houses women who have lost their way in life. Many have drug problems, theft infractions, neglect of children and other charges pending. Anna’s House is designed to assist women find themselves at the crossroads of life and have fallen victim to crime. Anna’s House is a place of security where they can re-group and get their lives back on track.
Boys II Men
Boys II Men is and organizations that focuses on preparing our young men to become future leaders of the world. Our duty is to convert the youth into profound students and citizens by providing high quality instructional tutoring and social skill assistance and self accountability. Through counseling, increased knowledge and good health promotions we transform our youth to men of integrity.

Services that are offer:
Promoting better health

Poshabilities introduces inner-city kids ages 8-12 to the “finer” things in life to inspire them to reach for the very best life has to offer. We believe that if they are exposed to it at a young age, they can dream big, set goals and attain them. Our programs rely heavily on specialized Field Trips. We want them to see and experience the best that life has to offer so that they can break the cycle of poverty in their families. We help them discover and develop their natural talents, skills and abilities so they will be passionate about their life’s work. We prepare them to be confident, refined and aware of all the Poshabilities and opportunities that education and hard work can provide.
Urban Theater | Texas Teen Summit
Urban Theater/Texas Teen Summit is a statewide program that is centered on many facets for developing life skills and self-worth in culture, talent and education. It incubates several programs that are centered on cultivating talent at the same time educating, developing work ethics and giving guidance. Texas Teen Summit (TTS)-is a statewide career launching path for highly talented youth ages 10-17. Youth are given an opportunity to do a test recording with youth all over the state of Texas.
Kids in Dark Streets
Kids in Dark Street (K.I.D.S.) is a talent search training program for youth to help youth cultivate their talent. In the same spirit youth enables their outreach to serve as a component to keep kids involved, off drugs, encourage abstinence and staying in school. The structure lends itself to teaching youth how to manage a talent business, which gives them the skills to direct a professional career in entertainment.