Communities of Tomorrow’s Economic Redevelopment

MISSION SUMMARY 1. The mission of Community of Tomorrow Economic Redevelopment Corp (C.O.T.E.R) is to serve as a community based resource center. We provide self-help opportunities that foster initiatives that promote community development and economic empowerment. VISION STATEMENT C.O.T.E.R. seeks to empower the growth and development of the community and it’s institutions. The purpose is to build community wealth and promote the best management of these resources which create opportunities that become a means to an end. C.O.T.E.R. is an administrative, programmatic and fiscally sound proactive institution, which takes leadership on a local, statewide and national level. In doing so, we serve as a major anchor for supporting and developing funding initiatives that facilitate the positive growth and development  our community.             These progressive initiatives promote change and community ownership.
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Texas Teen Summit is a statewide program that is centered on many facets for developing life skills and self-worth in culture, talent and education. It incubates several programs that are centered on cultivating talent at the same time educating, developing work ethics and giving guidance.

Poshabilities introduces inner-city kids ages 8-12 to the “finer” things in life to inspire them to reach for the very best life has to offer. We believe that if they are exposed to it at a young age, they can dream big, set goals and attain them. Our programs rely heavily on specialized Field Trips.

A Way Out Project is design to help families that are under skilled change their life conditions through our General Education Development Program (GED). We offer classes in reading, math and computer technology. 2- Vans is needed for Transportation for Asante Learning Center. 10 Computers for youth after school programs

Together we will change lives and give everyone a way out. Our goals are simple, open up doors to better paying jobs, new careers, college classrooms and a brighter future.  Our emphasis is on high-risk youth and adults who come from all walks of life




A Way Out Project

Is in partnership with Communities of Tomorrow’s Economic Redevelopment (COTER) a state licensed not of profit program that provides multiple services in the field of substance abuse for the faith community; community based organizations as well as individuals who are ex-offenders, substance abusers  children and women veterans.

  • GED Program
  • After School Youth Program
  • Truancy Classes
  • Anna's House Shelter for Women
  • Anger Management Class
  • Senior Citizen Program
  • Team Etiquette Classes

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Urgent Projects

A Way Out Project

Works with Families in the community to make a difference


those in need


for Children

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  • Macy's Shop for Cause Charity Challenge
  • M.D.W Ventures Inc.
  •  K.R Kelly Consulting
  • Provision For J.C
  • I.T.G Marketing Agency
  • Black United Fund of Texas
  • Discover Protective Service
  • Flawless Boutique
  • Loving Heart
  • Buffalo Soldiers
  • Women of Action




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